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Uniquely crafted solutions tailored to your challenges


Creating separation strategies for both the buyer and the seller. First identifying which people, processes, and technology are to move to the new company. Then developing a detailed plan to execute the transaction.

Due Diligence

We know which questions to ask, to get you the answers you want. Our blend of business and technology skillsets allows us to create your stand-alone and recurring budgets while owning the plan from start to finish.


Companies thrive by expanding, not shrinking. Yet shedding assets can create substantial benefits. The crucial factor: handling divestitures adeptly. The Ducats Group delivers strategic and financial insight throughout the divestiture process, enabling both the parent and the new business to succeed. 

Transaction Service Agreement Support 

Planning and implementing an advantageously structured TSA is critical to the success of a transaction. We provide a multi-month blueprint that allows for smooth divestitures and acquisitions. 

Roadmaps, Assessments

& Optimization

We provide an "as is" and "to be" assessment, generally mapped to the investment thesis. We design and develop a 12 to 36 month roadmap that is tightly aligned with your business goals and corporate strategy, and guide you through that journey.

Post Merger Integration Projects

Effective and efficient work often requires integration. Whether it is infrastructure, business applications, data, or end-user, you need a well designed strategy. We offer an expert analysis of which parts of the organization provide integration value.

Partner Network

Having access to the right people at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. Consider us a connector of dots and orchestrator with service companies.

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