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TSA Exit Anchor

Transaction Service Agreement Support

Planning and implementing an advantageously structured TSA is critical to the success of a transaction. The Ducats Group provides a multi-month blueprint that allows for smooth divestitures and acquisitions.  


Case Study


A private equity firm was purchasing a $1B Industrials business with an investment thesis that included using that company as the first platform to bolt on future acquisitions.  There was no corporate platform in place.  


TDG quickly stood up the PMO (IMO) during Due Diligence.   Understanding the goals of the PE firm, and the needs of the future state Corporate Entity, TDG went right to work on creating a TSA agreement that protected the buyer with advantageous terms and services, length of time, with the pre-crafted separation strategies all in mind. 


Value Delivered

Within 6 months, TDG was able to stand up the Corporate entity, building out all the executive offices (CEO, CFO, HR, CIO).  Concurrently, a graceful on-time and on budget TSA exit allowed the company to continue on its way quickly to add on immediate acquisitions within the same calendar year.  All tiger team SMEs were able to train and transfer all responsibilities to the NewCo staff with efficiencies. 

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