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Due Diligence Exit Anchor

Due Diligence

The Ducats Group knows which questions to ask to get you the answers you want. Our blend of business and technology skillsets allows us to create your detailed stand-alone and recurring schedules, as well as owning the responsibility of that successful plan from start to finish.



  • Align with your investment thesis​

  • Quantify and manage risks​

  • Determine whether technology and processes are compatible, easily integrated, and scalable​

  • Ensure data quality, integrity, security, and compliance​

  • Identify requited IT investments and improvement opportunities to hit investments targets


  • We pride ourselves on a reduced time to completion compared to peers.​

  • Smaller teams deliver a personalized experience.​

  • A thorough due diligence process to ensure the target company will add value to business operations.

How We Deliver

  • We assess the ability of the entire IT organization to scale in order to support the investment thesis​

  • We identify applicable IT risks and expected spending that might be required to mitigate risks and avoid unexpected surprises.​

  • We identify potential business improvement opportunities by leveraging the power of existing IT, as well as finding ways to potentially reduce IT spending.

Value Proposition

  • Duration: 2 to 5 weeks depending on the scenario​

  • Deep Industry Experience Team: 2 or 3 assigned team per IT DD engagement, with additional SMEs as needed​

  • Preliminary readout one week after IT DD procedures commence​

  • Ensure data quality, integrity, security, and compliance​

  • Unique report with, Executive summary and details scores by category

Areas of Scope


  • Business Applications​

  • Infrastructure​

  • End User Computing​

  • Vendor Agreements and Contracts​

  • Major Expense Run Rates​

  • System Outages​

  • Backup and DR​

  • Automated Processes​

  • Cybersecurity​

  • Digital Maturity​

  • IT Insurance


  • IT Personnel​

  • IT Management​

  • IT Leadership​

  • Alignment and Collaboration with the Business​

  • Operational Reviews​

  • Current IT initiatives​

  • Planned IT Investments and Initiatives​

  • TSA Considerations ​

  • Key Performance Indicators

Due Diligence Service Tiers

Bronze: Inventory and Documentation

  • Recommended for target organizations that are well understood and minimal risk is perceived​

  • Collection and review of documentation to identify gaps and identify major risks​

  • Deliverables include a full document set with a baseline diligence report summarizing key findings & recommendations, and inventories of applications, infrastructure, organization, and governance​

Silver: Compatibility Assessment and Cost Modeling

  • Recommended for target organizations that are understood but medium risks perceived​

  • Additional targeted assessments of applications, infrastructure, organization, governance, and budget with a focus on health and maturity of the capabilities of the IT organization​

  • Additional deliverables include cost modeling, technology maturity assessments & organizational assessment​

Gold: Strategic Initiative Development and Post Close Planning 

  • Recommended for target organizations that are  poorly understood and significant risks perceived, or strategic planning and integration is required​

  • Additional targeted assessments of applications, infrastructure, organization, governance, and budget with a focus on developing and scoping separation and integration

  • Additional deliverables include IT organization recommendation, suggested investments, maturity scores,  integration plan, and budget forecast​

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